Advanced Markets

In today’s economic world, many people have an estate liquidity need far greater than they imagine and CPS-RFG’s Advanced Planning Representatives are available to work with you to help meet your client’s Advanced Planning needs.

The first step in Estate Planning is to help the potential client identify their specific needs. Many times both the need and the solution can be developed using a “yellow pad” approach. This gives the potential client a clear impression that everything being done is for him or her on a custom, personal basis, rather than imposing a “fit into the mold” approach.

Depending on your particular needs, CPS-RFG can provide you with expert assistance from design concept interaction, to joint sales calls and discussion with the prospective client’s attorney or accountant.

Contact CPS-RFG’s Advanced Planning Representatives to utilize the expertise from years of experience. We are here to help provide both you and your clients a number of solutions that can fit their Advanced Planning and Estate Planning needs.

Advanced Markets Team

Frank Skaw

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