The most competitive offers in the marketplace.

For nearly three decades, through creation of the next best practices we’ve provided industry leading impaired risk underwriting support. The expertise of our staff, combined with a track record of success with each of the industry’s top impaired risk carriers resulting in substantial production levels, assures that each of your clients receives the best possible offer.

Quick Quote underwriting; thorough case analysis; long-standing relationships with Chief Underwriters, and the experience to negotiate ‘to a yes from a no’ on a tough case – we do it often, and we do it well.

We urge all agents to use the Pre-Quote Questionnaire to find out if their clients have any underlying health issues that may impact them during underwriting.

CPS-RFG – Pre-Quote Questionnaire

Agents can use this in addition to the Pre-Quote Questionnaire (or in lieu of). It serves to help guide the agents on the underwriting questions to ask the client and points them to the Impaired Risk form(s) they would need if they find out any issues or impairments.

The following forms are used to generate an Informal Inquiry. Please note that not all carriers allow for Informal Inquiries and most have specific requirements in order for them to consider processing an Informal Inquiry.

CPS-RFG Health Questionnaires

If you have identified your client as, potentially, being an Impaired Risk using the Pre-Quote Questionnaire or the Field Underwriting Questionnaire then you will need to complete the appropriate form below:

CPS-RFG – Alcohol Use
CPS-RFG – Arthritis
CPS-RFG – Breast Cancer
CPS-RFG – Cancer
CPS-RFG – Chrones Disease
CPS-RFG – Climbing
CPS-RFG – Depression
CPS-RFG – Diabetes
CPS-RFG – Driving
CPS-RFG – Drug Use
CPS-RFG – Foreign Residence and Travel
CPS-RFG – Heart – Bypass
CPS-RFG – Heart – General
CPS-RFG – Heart – Heart Attack
CPS-RFG – Heart – Irregular Heartbeat
CPS-RFG – Heart- Angioplasty
CPS-RFG – Hepatitis
CPS-RFG – Multiple Sclerosis
CPS-RFG – Pilot
CPS-RFG – Pulmonary Disease
CPS-RFG – Scuba & SkyDiving
CPS-RFG – Seizures
CPS-RFG – Sleep Apnea
CPS-RFG – Ulcerative Colitis

On occasion, a carrier will require that a questionnaire be completed during the underwriting of a case. THESE ARE NOT THE SAME AS QUICK QUOTE QUESTIONNAIRES. It may be necessary to complete one of the standard forms for submission with an application. Click on the questionnaire you would like to view or print out:

CPS-RFG Alcohol Use
CPS-RFG Aviation
CPS-RFG Business Insurance
CPS-RFG Chest Pain
CPS-RFG Climbing
CPS-RFG Confidential Financials
CPS-RFG Coronary Artery Disease
CPS-RFG Diabetes
CPS-RFG Foreign Residence and Travel
CPS-RFG Racing
CPS-RFG Resident Alien
CPS-RFG Seizure
CPS-RFG Substance Usage
CPS-RFG Tobacco Usage
CPS-RFG Underwater and Sky Sports



CPS-RFG is proud to introduce XRAE. XRAE is a field underwriting tool that immediately returns a health class rating or range based on published and unpublished carrier underwriting rules. XRAE maintains the confidentiality of each carrier’s rules and ensures the consistent, accurate application of those rules to each case, while enabling agents to set realistic expectations on demand.

Setting customer expectations and providing an accurate health class is critical at the onset of a life insurance sale. One out of every 10 life insurance applications are not placed simply because of unmet expectations.

To register for XRAE, click here
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