Mission Statement

CPS-RFG Core Values:


We develop trust by upholding the highest ethical standards and practices. We emphasize our commitment to act with integrity and honesty in all interactions with our clients, fellow team members and our communities. We treat others as we wish to be treated.


We never forget that our clients have a choice as to where they can do business. Therefore, we are committed to strive for best-in-class service and are dedicated to optimizing tried-and-true standards and processes. We collectively share accountability for gaining our clients’ loyalty and trust. No matter what our role within the company, the goal is to be the best that we can possibly be. Evolution should be constant through our efforts to always search for a better way to do our work.


We never forget that we have the ability to make a significant difference in the lives of others. We ensure that our passion and pride is demonstrated in everything we do and every product and service that we represent.


We all share a common cause to partner with one another to present the best possible solutions for our clients. We openly share ideas and collectively seek out creative and innovative ways to better serve our clients. We foster collaboration while upholding individual accountability. We recognize one another’s accomplishments and make an effort to create an efficient, friendly and fun work environment.


Creativity is the driving force that continues to move CPS forward. To remain competitive, we must continue to use innovative thinking and take risks. We thrive in this environment by constantly bringing fresh perspectives, reinventing business processes and creating innovative strategies and meaningful solutions.

CPS-RFG Standards:

• We know that a majority of our success is based on the standards against which we judge ourselves, all of our actions and our advancements

• We are committed to our clients, fellow team members and our communities

• We strive to reach the goals we have set out for ourselves to deliver the best-in-class service, comprehensive resources and complete products

• We believe that we make a difference. We ensure our values are upheld in each aspect of our business and in every transaction

• We understand this is a team effort. We work together to develop solutions for our clients to deliver the best possible services and products in the industry

• We are focused on being a values-based organization of individuals who provide best-in-industry products, services and support to the insurance and financial services industries. Today, CPS enables its forward-thinking affiliates and people to succeed, in business and in life

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